Karachi is one of the largest mega-cities of the world with a population of about 14 million inhabitants. It is the largest city of Pakistan and is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea northwest of the delta of river Indus. Karachi has the largest port of Pakistan and is a large financial and commercial and industrial center accounting for a majority of overseas trade conducted in Pakistan. It is also a financial and industrial center, accounting for a lion’s share of the country’s GDP and contributing about 65% of the national revenue. Most of Pakistan’s public and private banks are headquartered in Karachi. The city is also home to one of the best performing stock exchanges in Asia, the Karachi Stock Exchange, which is located along with a number of other financial institutions on I. I. Chundrigar Road, Pakistan’s Wall Street. Karachi also has a large software and IT industry and is quickly starting to become a major player in the call center services industry as well. Many of Pakistan’s independent television and radio channels are based in Karachi and generate a major chunk of business revenue. The present economic boom in Pakistan has resulted in Karachi attracting a lot of new businesses and a lot of foreign and local companies have started opening their branch and head offices in the city.